Bereiche nach Maria Montessori

"The role of the environment is not to form the child but to allow him to reveal himself."
– Maria Montessori

Exercises in Daily Life

Maria Montessori introduced ‚Exercises in daily life’ (for example, sweeping, cleaning shoes, spoon and pouring exercises) as a distinct area of work. These tasks are part of the prepared environment for young children.

Sensorial Materials

Working with sensorial materials (smelling, feeling etc) awakens the mind and opens the senses. The children learn to recognise the various sensations and combine them together as a whole.


The mathematics material developed by Maria Montessori is characterised by the way it enables  young people to learn through doing. Enabling them to grasp the ideas step by step, moving from the concrete to the abstract. 


A child develops an interest in language which is appropriate to the sensitive phases he is passing through. Using material such as sand letters, ‘initial sound’ drawers and grammar boxes, which are all available in the prepared environment, children learn playfully to read and write.

They learn their mother tongue and foreign languages through verbal and written communication. Native speakers are part of our team and visits to other countries are part of our program.

Cosmic Education

For Maria Montessori the creation is part of a holistic plan. Each part of the world, every plant, every living creature, fulfills a purpose for the whole – the cosmos. The wholeness on the other hand fulfills a role for each part, and the human race has a special role; it takes responsibility. We therefore integrate cosmic education into all areas, including the traditionally taught subjects.

Interdisciplinary topical presentations and projects, such as the ‘Evolution of Language and Writing’, the cultural timeline, etc. enable young people to recognize connections and relationships.

Religious Studies and Confession-related Elements and Projects

By reading biblical texts adapted to suit different age groups, through discussion and projects, children and young people are stimulated to deal with questions of Faith. Getting to know and respect other religions is also very important to us.

Playing musical instruments and singing together, arranging ecumenical services, reading biblical texts, discussions and exercises in silence are integral parts of lessons.

Music and Creativity

Creativity and music are of great importance. As a part of the free choice of work there is the possibility for the students to develop plays. Sewing costumes and building sets for them as well. They make things, paint and do pottery. We sing and play music together almost on a daily basis. Sometimes we focus on particular topics and offer courses led by professional musicians, actors and authors.

Health and Sport

The young people have the opportunity to use the areas in and around the school for movement and sports every day (gym, sports field, garden, park and sports grounds of St. Gabriel). We additionally  have regular gym classes and ball games at the National Sport Centre in the nearby Südstadt. During the time when the children have a free choice of work they can move around according to their needs, as long as they don’t disturb others.

We also offer projects such as a skiing week, a week spent in a simple hut in the countryside, tight rope walking, as well as the offer of healthy food at breaktime. Courses are also offered in skating, swimming, juggling and much more.