Pedagogic Fundamentals

Maria Montessori spoke of ‘sensitive periods’, in which a child is especially open to a particular field in his or her environment, and is therefore able to acquire knowledge in these areas in a playful and holistic way. The „Being Human“ model developed by Solihin and Alicia Thom is an additional tool used to support the child’s development through their inner plan.

Ethics and Respect as Educational Principles

Peace education, responsibility for oneself and others, respect for one another and for nature are the focus of our educational principles. During regular exercises in silence the relationship to oneself and to God is deepened. Social projects, religious cultural festivities and experiencing nature are essential aspects of class.

Enjoying Work

In a relaxed atmosphere it’s possible for authentic needs to be felt, therefore allowing an intensive and peaceful learning process to take place.

Prepared Environment

The teachers ensure that there is a loving and trusting atmosphere, in which thoughts and feelings are taken seriously. They

  • observe
  • accompany and invoke learning
  • explain and help
  • find a connection between the child and the material

The young person uses the prepared environment to learn about the various areas of life using various development materials.

These materials can be found in a structured and clear way in the prepared environment and are adapted to the child’s stage of development. Every child can work at his own speed and develop at  his own rhythm.


A living relationship between the children and to the teachers creates space for learning and growing. In the ERLEBNISSCHULE it’s possible to experience a living community.

It’s important for us that when teaching the children, parents and teachers work together as one unit.   The deep interaction with each individual child’s potential is a challenge for all involved.

To guarantee the continuous development of the child it’s important for both parents and teachers to be prepared to continually develop themselves. The spiritual element plays an important part in this. A living Faith is itself a continual learning process.