Questions and Answers

Questions and answers with regards to the Erlebnisschule Mödling


How can I better get to know the school?

We regularly organize an open day to which everyone is welcome. A further possibility is to organize a visit to one of our ‘Sitting in on class’ events, where you get the chance to experience day-to-day life in the playschool or school. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in the school please follow the admissions procedure.

The dates can be found in the list of events.

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Is there government support for the playschool?

It is possible for children from Lower Austrian to receive a grant from the government of Lower Austria for the final compulsory year in playschool.
Further Information for Lower Austria

The City of Vienna also provides a grant for private playschools.
Further information for Vienna

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Does the Erlebnisschule have public status?

The Montessori Erlebnisschule in Mödling is a school with public status.

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What is the day-to-day routine in the school?

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Erlebnisschule and Facebook – a contradiction?

An important part of the Montessori Method are the so-called ‘sensitive stages’, in which the child is particularly sensitive to environmental stimuli. The child also needs the possibility to make contact with his or her inner self, so that he or she can let it lead them. This contact to oneself can be lost by being swamped with external influences.

It’s therefore important to be careful when dealing with so-called new media (television, internet, mobile telephones). This is a necessary requirement for the success of a modern Montessori education. This careful and sceptical interaction with new media is lived in our school through a cooperation between the children, teachers and parents.

The integration of Facebook in our website does not mean that we support an unthinking and indiscriminate use of this medium by our children. Quite the opposite, as our children, from the  Primaria II onward, are carefully accompanied by their parents and teachers with regards to using modern media.

We think that the use of Facebook as a medium through which we can present the work in the school to all interested parties in a targeted, prompt and visual way is both appropriate and contemporary. It allows us to offer an up to date and comprehensive impression of our school.

Last update on 28.06.2017 by Dieter Veverka.