The school and it's possibillities

The school is located on the premises of the St. Gabriel Missionary House. The Missionary House with its park-like campus with play area and sport field are an ideal environment for the children.

Classrooms & Playschool

The playschool has the following rooms:

  • Group room
  • Painting studio
  • Workshop
  • Library
  • Washing area
  • Kitchen, in which parents prepare the children’s lunch

Each school class, PI, PII and SI has their own group room, as well as access to the following common areas:

  • Activity room
  • Workshop ans art studio
  • Library
  • Kitchen and snack area

Outside Areas

The areas outside the school are used for various class activities and projects:

  • Outside Activity Area (Playschool and school) with vegetable garden
  • Missionary House campus:
    • Caritas refugee relief
    • ecological agriculture
    • bookbindery and other enterprises
    • training centre for disadvantaged youths
  • ‚Freizeitgelände‘ park belonging to the community of Maria Enzersdorf
  • Federal Sport Centre, Südstadt