Parental Work

In the interest of successful teamwork the concept behind the Erlebnisschule demands that parents are familiar with and accept the schools teaching fundamentals and support the teaching aims of the school.

Parents working in and for the school is an important component of the school concept. It creates the framework for the day-to-day teaching. For this cooperation to work we need parents for whom self-reliance and the taking of responsibility aren’t only meaningless phrases. For example parents that:

  • trust in their child’s unseen and undiscovered potential.  We ask that any possible external measures (for example coaching, therapy etc.) are only begun after consulting with the teachers.
  • truly appreciate their children – that watch them, sense them and recognize their development as it happens.
  • have respect for one another, as shown by an open and honest culture of discussion.
  • are willing to develop themselves and their personalities, to ensure their child’s development. ‘Inner Parent Work’ implies the willingness of parents to work on those problematic areas within themselves which are brought to light through the development of their children. Only when parents and teachers are prepared to confront their inner worlds, and to see themselves as learners, can mutual trust grow. With regards to personal development we require an acceptance of the ‘Being-Human Model’ as a tool used in the school to support teaching. Regular workshops are offered to support this.
  • live with values as similar as possible to those of the ERLEBNISSCHULE (for example with regards to the  interaction with media, conscious consumption, and conscious eating.)
  • have consciously chosen the ERLEBNISSCHULE and stand by this decision.
  • actively take part in the day-to-day life of the school and allow for the time to do this (10 hours compulsory external parent work per family per month)