The beginning of the Children’s House

The roots of the ErLEBnisschule are to be found in a play group for toddlers, established in 1992. In 1995, the ErLEBnisschule grew out of these beginnings, along with the Childrens House. As a result of moving to St. Gabriel in 2000, it was not possible to continue a Children’s House group within the ErLEBnisschule.

The desire and the need to establish a new Children’s House group soon became a central theme again, since according to Maria Montessori’s principles, for each Montessori school a well-prepared environment should be created to allow children early on to develop according to their sensitive phases. This was also confirmed as part of the certification procedure for the Montessori quality seal (of the Austrian Montessori Society or ÖMG for short).

As long as children are small, give them deep roots, as they get older, give them wings.

Indian Proverb

In the autumn of 2010, we heard that the provisional state kindergarten — located in the building right next to the Erlebnisschule — would be moving out. Now the long-awaited wish to found a Children’s House group on the premises adjacent to the school would finally become reality.

Many tasks and challenges had to be faced: an educational sponsor was sought, the finances needed to be checked, additional teachers had to be recruited, furniture for the Children’s House were acquired and carpentered. Also, many enrollment interviews took place for the future Children’s House children.

With the Evangelisches Schulwerk A.B. as educational sponsor of the Children's House, the furniture and equipment donations from the St. Gabriel monastery and the active support of the parents, the Children’s House was opened with a happy joint celebration in the autumn of 2011.

The initially small group of children has steadily grown. With 25 children attending, today, the protestant Children's House for our 3 to 6 year olds is working at full capacity. The Children's House group is looked after by three teachers and one intern. The children are fully integrated into what is happening at the ErLEBnisschule. Hence the ErLEBnisschule has a total of four groups (Children's House, Primary I, Primary II and Secondary I).

The educational concept now accompanies our children from their first roots to their wings.

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