Special features of the Children’s House


A week in the forest and being outside - experiencing oneself as a part of nature

Through experiences in nature, children become aware of themselves and learn to take responsibility for the natural environment.


Plant cycles - Visit to Klosterbauer

Several times a year, we visit the farmer Klosterbauer on the grounds of St. Gabriel to observe plants and animals.


Healthy snack

Organic, varied nutrition is important to us. The children have the opportunity to prepare and enjoy a wholesome snack.


Lunch freshly cooked - by parents

We are all unique; we feel, smell, think, taste and cook differently. Every day another family cooks using fresh, organic products. We thereby experience culinary diversity, which arrouses curiosity.


Voluntary social work year

Currently, in the context of a voluntary social work year, we are being supported by a young adult in our daily work.

 Interns with special needs, attending the neighbouring educational institutions BiGab (Job Integration St. Gabriel) and the IFitschule of the diakonie, gather job and life experiences with us.

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