The Path to us

The selection process for the playschool and school is in the form of a ‘Workshop for Interested Parents’.

There is a standardized admissions process for the entire Erlebnisschule (for children aged 3 – 15 years old) regardless of whether the child is entering the playschool or the school.

  • Both parents attend an information event (open day or a sitting in on classes – see the list of events) to get to know the school.
  • A compulsory admissions workshop is held in January for everyone who is interested in their child attending the ERLEBNISSCHULE (see the list of events, or phone the school for information). Register by calling the ERLEBNISSCHULE office on 02236 205 811.
  • You will by notified by letter whether your child has been accepted or not. For educational reasons, children who are entering the school at a later stage after attending another school must spend a two week trial period in their future class before finally being accepted.
  • The final decision about an admission is met by the teachers based upon the information provided in the application form, the outcome of the admissions workshop and the impressions gained of the child at an admissions talk. A number of things need to be taken into account as well the individual suitability of the child, for example the number of children and the mix of ages and genders in the class.
  • Siblings: Children can start at the ERLEBNISSCHULE in the year they turn three. (A talk must be held with the teachers if the child has not yet reached playschool age so that a solution can be found.)
  • An admission to the ERLEBNISSCHULE begins in the year the child turns three and ends with the 9th school year.


Overview of the dates for sitting in on classes

The next admissions workshop will be held around January / February 2018.

See also the list of events.